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Referral Marketing Works

Marketing can be expensive and time-consuming. But referral marketing works and is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing available for your business. Why? All you need is to provide a customer with a great experience and then ask them to spread the word. It’s simple.

Extole has the best platform on the market to handle every aspect of your referral program. Find out what your customers will find valuable and offer them a way to collect benefits to earn those items.

Extole can run your referral program by:

  • Pushing referral early and often – Present the referral opportunity early and customers will share
  • Designing your program to be seamless and easy – Savvy internet users want simplicity and will refer your products and services when that occurs
  • Making referrals happen everywhere – Mobile devices are everywhere; let them engage your product on laptops, cell phones, and tablets

Referral marketing works because people are more likely to listen to a product recommendation from friends and family than over other sources. Download the guide today and see how Extole can help setup the best referral marketing program for your business.

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