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Referral Marketing

A new report from Gigaom Research concludes with “If you’re not spending on referral marketing, you’re making a mistake.” The referral marketing tactic of promoting products using word of mouth is one of the oldest, yet most trusted marketing strategies. Are you on the right side of the referral marketing revolution? It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy and add referral marketing to ensure your customer is not only your biggest fan, but your greatest advocate.

Extole technology is rewriting the way businesses conduct business by turning everyday customers into brand heroes.

With referral marketing through Extole, your business can get a leg up on the competition with:

  •  A simple and efficient, yet budget friendly way to integrate your referral program
  •  Giving your customers the power to share their positive experience with your brand
  • Raising brand awareness, sparking purchases, and acquire better customers

It’s time to elevate your product with referral marketing, by joining Extole. Download our 2016 Referral Guide today and see the difference referral marketing can do for you.

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