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Referral Platform

Creating a genuine relationship with your customers that feels organic isn’t always easy.

With Extole’s cross-channel referral platform you can drive new customer acquisition, revenue, and awareness by empowering your existing customers to refer their friends. A referral platform will also provide insights on where the customers came from, how they converted, and how much revenue they’re generating for your business. At Extole, we’ve developed a simple metric that determines the potential revenue lift from a referral program – we call it Referral Index™.

Referral Index (RI) measures the rate at which your advocates (people who share your brand) create new customers. Using data from our 400+ retail clients, we can quickly determine the potential RI for your business, giving you an idea of the viability of referrals. Our referral platform gives you the ability to integrate on mobile, in-app, in store, and even offline, helping you reach customers at every touch point they interact with your brand. For more tips on how you can start a successful referral platform check out our 2016 Referral Guide.

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