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Referral Program Examples

Referrals are an important part of business, but finding the best platform from all the referral program examples on the market can be discouraging if you want to avoid starting from scratch. Where do you start? How do you expand and motivate customers to refer?

Extole can help. With our enterprise platform and referral marketing expertise, we can  help drive and influence brand advocacy. With it’s seamless, integrated referral experience, you can encourage advocates to share across every channel.

Your referral program with Extole can be:

  • Easy – Market your referral program prominently on your website, in social media, in stores, in email, and even in call centers
  • Mobile – Mobile is where your advocates connect with friends via SMS, social media, and messenger apps
  • Open to everyone – Your referral program can be open to everyone, not just existing customers

Create more advocates and convert more of their friends with Extole’s referral marketing platform. Download the guide today!

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