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Referral Program Idea

The best referral program idea you can have is starting a word of mouth marketing campaign. It continues to be rated as one of the best low cost forms of marketing available. However, at times it can be difficult to measure without using the right platform. Setting up your referral program is a great way to track new customer acquisitions, yet can also measure whether or not the “word of mouth” marketing campaign you start is working based upon referral rewards earned.

Extole is a great platform to have when needing a referral program idea. You have the ability to precisely target customers you want with a wide audience reach you did not have before. Use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to push your referral program. Expand on the trust people have when a referral comes from friends and family.

Let Extole help you develop a referral program idea from features such as:

  • Dedicated referral menu items
  • Referral codes which are easily passed along
  • Streamline sharing
  • Quick address book access
  • Personalization creation to encourage more advocacy

Referral marketing is an important and powerful component for every business. Download the referral guide to see how Extole can help create a new referral program idea to expand your business.

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