Highlight the benefit a refrral can be for both advocate and friend

Referral Program Letter

A referral program letter covers a wide variety of subjects or products to a generalized audience. A creative referral program letter may be just what you need to bring in that new customer who will not only spend a little more, but will stick around longer to make multiple purchases.

The best method to acquire, activate, and retain customers in today’s market is refer-a-friend programs. With Extole, you will have the finest enterprise platform to make more advocates and create more friends.

When choosing Extole to create a referral program letter, make sure your letter is:

  1. Simple – Less effort to refer means more referrals will be sent out
  2. Focused – Immediately answer a question in the subject line such as “What’s in it for me?” or “Why should I read this?”
  3. Highlight the Call to Action -Make sure it’s obvious why this email/letter is being sent

Download the referral marketing best practices guide  and see why a referral program letter is important for your marketing platform.

Download The Referral Marketing Best Practices Guide

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