The roadmap to referral success

Referral Program Template

A referral program template is a guide, instructions, or directions used to achieve a set goal. Referrals can supply you with new customers who may, in the long term, spend more money and make multiple purchases.

Extole can help you with your referral program template with the intention of helping existing customers use the refer-a-friend program to it’s full potential. Just because you have a referral program does not necessarily mean customers will know about it or use it.

Extole can help you make users aware of your referral program by:

  • Making it easy to find  
  • Putting it in your App
  • Making it accessible with mobility
  • Making referrals available at on boarding 
  • Letting user share how they want by text, email, or messaging app

Create the best referral program template for your business. Download the best practices guide today and see how.

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