Referrals are dominating our shopping habits, do you have a program?

Referral Program

Referrals have become more prevalent in our today’s culture. Friends, family, colleagues refer others to every kind of product, service, event, etc. and as a marketer you have to enable your customers to advocate for you. That’s why a referral program is essential to your marketing mix.

Here are the top 3 best practices from our 2016 Referral guide to get you started:

1) Promote it Everywhere
Promote your referral program prominently. Every customer touch point is another chance to gain a new advocate. Some of our favorites are on your website, through social media channels, in your stores, and through your call centers.

2) Make it Easy
It’s incredibly valuable for your referral program to make purchasing easy. Auto apply referral rewards to limit drop offs. Make sure that once a referred friend decides to become a customer, nothing can change their mind along the way

3) Make it Personal
Create a connected experience by showing referred friends who referred them. Use your advocates picture and name to keep things personal. Boost referral conversion rates by more than 3% just by showing potential new customers that you know who sent them your way.

Your referral program strategy must focus on making it as easy and enticing as possible to your customers. Learn more best practices from our guide.

Learn More Best Practices From Our Guide

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