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Referral Programs And Customer Value

Referral programs and customer value go hand in hand when you build a successful customer referral program that provides your business with a steady stream of referrals. This stream of new business can transform any struggling company into one that is turning a profit. To be effective however, your program needs the time to develop to realize the return on investment.

At Extole, we don’t send our platform and simply say “good luck”. You get our expertise, along with a stunning dashboard that shows all information in one place, and a relationship with a team that’s devoted to your success.

Referral programs and customer value at Extole take into account:

  • Timing – Making sure your referral program is not only easy to use, but up front and center
  • Tracking – Identifying advocates and referrals automatically through a variety of data elements collected and analyzed
  • Ensuring Advocates Get Rewarded – Automatically reward those advocates when their friends buy, regardless of whether or not they use the right code

As with any other marketing platform, you only get out what you put into your referral program. See how Extole can help you by downloading the guide now.

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