Referral programs that work out of the gate

Referral Programs That Work

Referral programs sounds easy but prove to be pretty complicated. They require you to deliver a great experience for your existing customers who share. They need to connect to email and social to reach the friends of your advocates. They need to have a great experience for that traffic in order for conversions to actually happen. And you need data to make sure the program is working.

This complexity can prevent your team from creating an acquisition program using one of your true advantages: the great experiences with your brand and products that your existing customers have already had. But, by partnering with Extole, you can build something great based on our experience helping retailers and financial services companies build referral programs that work:

Best Practices – we’ve designed, launched, and optimized referral programs for hundreds of brands. Those best practices are built into our technology in an easy-to-use platform powerful enough for the world’s largest businesses and nimble enough for the fastest growing.

Platform – the Extole platform delivers every aspect of a successful referral program whether its program marketing, the advocate sharing experience, reward delivery, fraud controls, localization, or a/b testing.

Services – we are experts completely focused on refer-a-friend so that you can launch quickly, realize great ROI immediately, and build your organization’s referral expertise at the pace that’s right for you.

Download the Hanna Andersson case study to read about the success that one retailer had in creating and growing their referral program.

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