Referrals are dominating our shopping habits, do you have a program?

Referral Promotion Ideas

By leveraging the right referral promotion ideas, a referral program can be taken to the next level.  All successful referral programs drive a significant volume into the funnel – successful promotion is fundamental to acquiring this traffic.

In our 2016 Referral Guide, we’ll share with you the top performing referral promotion ideas to take your program to the next level:

1) Onsite Calls to Action
Follow best practices to make sure your onsite promotional placements are seen by the right target audience.  It’s more than just color and copy – find our more!

2) Email Campaigns
Not all email promotional placements are created equal – make sure that you’re following best practices to get

3) Offline
Non-digital channels require a different level of effort – following these best practices to make sure that effort is not lost.

Your referral promotion strategy must focus on making it easy and enticing to your customers. Learn more tips from our referral guide.

Learn More Tips From Our Referral Guide.

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