Is something powering your referral program?

Referral Tool

Referral tools are taking over and becoming the next acquisition channel to get better customers. If you’ve built a referral tool in-house, congrats! If you have yet to start, don’t fret. First, have you considered the following: promotion, mobile sharing, and personalized engagement? If not, have no fear – we’ve got the best practices to help you navigate where to start and what to do.

1) Make your referral tool readily available
Your customers want to refer you so don’t hide your program, promote it! It won’t go viral just sitting there on your website – email it out to your database, create a floating call-to-action, and put it on your header and footer.

2) Refer and convert, everywhere
Whatever you do, don’t hide your program behind a login. Ensure that it’s open to everyone who visits your site and is in your mobile app or promoted on your mobile site. The last thing you need is when your customers are talking about your brand with their friends, they can’t refer you because they can’t find you.

3) Keep it personal, and stay in touch
Personalized referrals are stronger than any marketing message you can come up with. So make sure your referral tool allows your customers to personalize the share message and comes from their own email address.

For more tips and tricks, check out our webinar with and learn how to create the perfect referral tool strategy.

Learn How To Create The Perfect Referral Tool Strategy

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