Referrals program

Referrals Program

Referrals matter. A referrals program mattes as well because people ask friends and family when they want recommendations on products and/or services. Not only do they ask, but often, they act on endorsements from those same family and friends.

A study by Nielsen showed that referrals are the most trusted form of advertising. At Extole, we take the hard work out of designing, testing, and implementing referral programs.  That way we can match them with your business and goals. With no guess work, get better results with our platform, team, and industry solutions.

Extole has two solutions for a referrals program:

  1. The Retail Solution – When using Extole’s Retail Solution, let your existing customers help you acquire new and higher quality customers. A beautiful, easy, cross-channel sharing experience, allows your customers to give recommendations which will generate traffic to convert and acquire new customers
  2. The Loyalty and Membership Solution – Customer advocates can help you achieve your new account goals. Reward new members when they signup and advocates after their friends buy.

Our powerful advocacy platform integrates loyalty and retail into one solution. Ready to go? Let us show you how by downloading the best practices guide today.

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