Promote product sharing

Referring A Friend

Finding a referring a friend software platform that promotes customers to share your product, brand or service, is what drives new customer awareness, acquisition, retention, and revenue. Referring a friend software also helps you understand what customers are communicating about your brand. Leverage the word-of-mouth conversations about your business into increased engagement and more acquisitions.

Why invest in refer a friend software:

1) Customers who are acquired via referrals spend more, refer more friends to your brand and stick around longer

2) Referred customers convert three to five times more than traditional online marketing channels

3) Studies show the average order value increases by 25%, and 5-25% lift in new customer acquisition.

In short, referrals are a win-win – helping marketers drive new customer acquisition and revenue, while incentivizing customers for every friend they refer. Download our 2016 referral best practices guide to learn more!

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