Email is a great way to retain customers

Retention Email Marketing

What exactly is retention email marketing? Think of it as keeping customers more engaged with continued followup to eventually make another purchase from your business. Email is a great way to retain customers and increase their lifetime value.

Refer-a-friend is a form of email marketing that is thought of often as an acquisition channel. Existing customers will share your brand when encouraged to do so, and help acquire new customers. Email is cost effective, easily measured, and adaptable with changing audiences or messaging needed.

Using Extole for retention email marketing allows customers to:

  • Share with a personal link
  • Easily become advocates for your brand
  • Stimulate new acquisitions while encouraging conversion of customers as well

Do you have any retention email marketing in place for your business? If not, download the referral guide now and see how retention email marketing can help increase customer loyalty.

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