Think of the possibilities when using multiple social media channels

Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Social media brand ambassadors are newer concepts when it comes to marketing departments. Most companies try to use brand ambassadors and take advantage of what social media offers. What is really needed though are social media brand ambassadors who have large followings online, and have multiple marketing channels they use everyday.

This is where Extole can step in and help. If done correctly, your company will benefit from positive contributions everyday customers make for your brand. Especially when you combine them with a referral program.

Nothing can beat the low cost when products and services are reviewed online, or when word of mouth referrals pass through social media.

Using Extole to launch a social media brand ambassadors program can help in three specific areas:

  1. Expertise – Brand ambassadors become experts on products and services they promote and are therefore more of a reliable referral
  2. Real conversations – Brand ambassadors have a wide reach with their audience and tend to have dialogue back and forth
  3. Originality – Consumers know whether an ambassador actually uses and reviews products or is just being paid

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