Referrals are dominating our shopping habits, do you have a program?

Social Media Campaigns

Measuring the impact of your social media campaigns is a challenge. Incorporating your Referral Program into your social campaigns can drive word of mouth and revenue, and Extole’s platform will help you promote, measure, and optimize the referral channel.

Referrals drive your customers to share your brand with their social networks, tapping your social campaigns into a whole new reach. Keep these tips in mind as you can add referrals across your entire marketing strategy.

  • Consider retargeting your referral program to your recent customers on Facebook.  Having a post purchase referral promotion strategy is a key to referral success. Referral best practice; retarget new customers asking them to refer seven days post-purchase.  
  • Make sure the copy of your social posts that are dedicated to your referral program include a predominant call out of the offer structure of your program.  What will the customer get for sharing? What does their friend get?  Referral best practice; a balanced offer to both the advocate and friend always outperforms.
  • Leverage your super advocates with a burst social campaign.  Some of our programs have up to 40% of their referrals acquired by their super advocates.  Use our platform to create a limited time bonus offer retargeted to those super advocates only.  

Read more about how Hanna Andersson used referral, social media campaigns as a part of their well-rounded referral promotion strategy that crushed their 25% new customer acquisition goal.

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