Social media is trending. Are you?

Social Media Marketing Companies

In the United States and globally, social media is the most popular form of online activity. Social media and networks have transformed the marketing efforts of businesses worldwide. Social media influencers have taken the place of celebrity endorsements. Gaining traffic and attention from social media sites to your product or service is now the responsibility of an employee, a team, a department, or a division focused exclusively on social media efforts. Social media engagement is now the norm. No longer is social media marketing optional, it’s mandated. Are you stuck trying to create creative solutions to capitalize on your social follower base?

Extole’s software is making it even easier for your customers to tap into their social following and get their friends on board with your product via social sharing. With Extole, you can track shares, clicks, and conversions, keeping you in the know on how your social strategies compare and up to date on what’s hot in the market.

Don’t make your customers feel like they’re working for you; make social sharing easy with Extole.

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