Transform your social media into an acquisition channel

Social Media Marketing Service

How do you measure your brand’s social media marketing services? If leveraging expensive tools and hiring external sources to do the digging for you is your go to method, it’s time to rev your engines and look to the future of the social space: Extole. With Extole, you can access a treasure trove of data on your social media to leverage your social follower base and capitalize on their social influence.

Extole is pairing social media marketing with a referral marketing program to drive revenue and demonstrate ROI. With Extole, you can tangibly measure your social media influence to make decidedly smart decisions on the direction of your social media marketing. Extole’s referral marketing program provides marketers with the opportunity to transform social media into an acquisition channel. No longer is social media an “awareness” platform only.

The future of ecommerce is social media, is your business in the loop?

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