Social network marketing strategy

Social Network Marketing Strategy

You know you need a social network marketing strategy for your business. What’s next you ask? You need to make sure your marketing strategy communicates with authentic fans–those who have the most power and influence. Advocates are needed, but it’s how best you organize and manage them within your social network marketing strategy that defines success.

Setup your advocates with your social network marketing strategy with Extole’s enterprise platform, and build a refer a friend program to track referral business. Getting and receiving a referral is the most authentic marketing channel because it taps into everyday conversation.

No matter which route you choose for your social network marketing strategy, things to consider are:

  1. Allow customers to connect wherever, whenever
  2. Make your entire experience user friendly to get customers coming back
  3. A personalized sharing encounter is more effective than a simple thank you on a receipt or invoice

Ready to start creating a better marketing strategy

Ready To Start Creating A Better Marketing Strategy

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