Enter the social space confidently

Social Referral Marketing

Marketing is moving out of the traditional space, and into the social sphere. Are you keeping pace with competitors and keeping up with social trends?

Social referral marketing is the mouthpiece your business needs to grant you access to the best customers in the social space, and is an essential component of your marketing strategy.  We’ve honed in on what you need to nail a successful social marketing strategy to up your brand game:

  1. Map it out: be aware of the unique audiences specific to each individual social platform; speak the language of prospective customers on their preferred method of communication
  2. Clarify your goals: what are the social priorities of your business? Make your goals specific, and create a plan to attack them
  3. Promote your content across platforms: consistency is key; ensure that your business is consistent in its messaging across the board
  4. Analyze: analytics are an extremely useful helping hand in ensuring the quality of your programs, and ensuring the success of future programs

With Extole, you can ensure the success of your brand by leveraging the power of social media. Extole’s easy to use refer-a-friend technology is your gateway to enhanced brand recognition. Learn more about Extole today and download the referral guide.

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