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Social Referral Online

Billions of recommendations are occurring everyday from restaurant choices, to car mechanics and even where to purchase products used all the time. Are you taking advantage of people telling friends and family about a product or service the like or enjoyed?

Word of mouth marketing is what Extole does best. You have heard the story about a company or two who made it big using referral marketing. Dropbox and Paypal come to mind. But social referral online marketing doesn’t have to include your business going viral to be considered a success.

You can consistently gain new customers using Extole to build you a refer a friend campaign based on:

  1. Hyper personalizing the referral – Establish a real connection through the junk advertising people see everyday with personalization
  2. Frictionless sharing – Good or bad, we crave instant gratification. Provide your advocates and new customers with it and see multiple purchases consistently
  3. Mobility is you friend – More and more referral sharing is occurring on mobile devices. make sure your program works on small screens as well as big ones

Referral marketing leads to word of mouth buzz and more customers with higher revenue. Download our referral guide today and don’t miss out on that opportunity.

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