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Social Referral Program

Social media is driving customer engagements and interactions at lightening speeds; isn’t it time your company joined the social revolution to evolutionize the way you do business? A social referral program is a key component in securing the longevity of your brand. Utilize your present customer base to expand the reach of your product with a simple and easy to use refer-a-friend program designed to meet the needs of your business. With Extole, you can reach customers where they choose to engage, and garner a better follower base with a social referral program that provide marketers with:

  • Optimized sharing capabilities to take the hassle out of the referral process
  • Instant rewards to thank your customers faster
  • Partnerships with the right experts and tools and ensure you are successful

The best known brands use Extole; it’s time to up your referral game today. Download our Referral Guide today!

Download Our Referral Guide Today!

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