Better retention and more conversions

Social Referral Rewards

Have you read about the big viral launches such as Dropbox and Paypal and wondered what it takes to replicate that success for your business?

Social referral rewards is the answer. Success for your business does not mean you have to match the results of these two companies however. Social referral rewards are such a low cost option that you can get more conversions out of new customers, while keeping retention rates of existing customers high as well.

With Extole, your social referral rewards program can encompass:

  • Thanking advocates by rewarding loyalty with coupon codes, account credits, or gift cards
  • Sending advocates and friends with internal or external rewards
  • Delight consumers immediately with our automatic reward engine
  • Incentivize advocates to refer again with the right offer

Our powerful platform seamlessly integrates your referral program into your site and branding, tests for the optimum incentive balance, and enables your customers to easily share your brand, products or services.
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Start By Downloading Our Best Practices Guide Now.

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