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Software Referral Program

In today’s social economy, important buying decisions are dominated by software referral programs. As consumers, we place a significant amount of trust in the hands of our friends, family, and colleagues to steer us in the right direction. Where we eat, how we shop, what we wear, and how we choose to spend our money, are all heavily influenced by the people around us. With that in mind, isn’t it time you turned your customers into your biggest advocates? With Extole’s referral program software, you can.

At Extole, we’re changing the game, and making it even easier to turn everyday customers into brand champions. We’re giving buyers the ability to elevate your products with our easy to use software referral program. Marketers can launch, measure and optimize software referral programs for their business needs, and create an experience built for and shaped by the consumer.

Extole’s software referral program is giving marketers the upper hand with:

  1. Crafted and designed experiences that match your brand, carry your message, and encourage sharing

  2. Automatic segmentation of your advocates so that you can engage your biggest influencers and revenue drivers

  3. Instant rewards that protect against fraud

Create advocates, convert friends. Extole is reshaping your marketing strategy; learn more about our platform and join the referral movement today.

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