Loyal customers + referrals = success

Successful Referral Programs

As referral marketing continues to prove it’s success as a top customer acquisition channel, the truth is some referral programs are not as successful as others. But why? If done right, referral programs could be your most successful acquisition channel, driving up to 25% of new customers. Here are our top tips for launching a successful referral program.

1) Make it Omni-channel
A cross-channel referral program is the most successful. A successful program needs to be accessible at every touch point your customers interact with your brand, on your website, on mobile, in-app, and even offline. Hanna Andersson is an Extole customer who does a great job promoting their program across all channels, even in their catalogs.

2) Make it Seamless
Creating an easy to use referral program makes all the difference. If your program is hard to find or requires a lot fields to fill out before referring, customers most likely won’t refer.

3) Surprise your Advocates
Even more, surprise your super advocates (customers who refer the most) by sending them an unexpected gift or a thank you card for being a loyal customer.

Check out our best practices guide for more tips on how to launch a successful referral program.

Check Out Our Best Practices Guide

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