Top referral programs

Top Referral Programs

Top referral programs are best at taking a loyalty or  rewards programs to the next level by working as stand alone strategies, or in unison. People tend to share more out of altruism than for any personal or financial gain. Top referral programs also take advantage of as many marketing channels as possible such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is the best, and frankly, the easiest way to reach the largest amount of relevant consumers possible.

Extole is a leading referral platform because it offers:

  • Marketers the opportunity to shape the consumer experience by customizing what, how, and when people share
  •  Customers to refer leads to you from your website and on mobile, email,  or social media
  • Brands a direct way to monetize the social following they’ve already invested in creating
  • Referrals to be shared by individual customers and not the brand, therefore avoiding delivery issues and the lack of trust that sometimes accompanies brand generated messaging

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