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The expanding referral software industry has given companies the ability to track referral results. The power of a website referral program software is that customers can share your brand with family, friends, family, and social media followers instantaneously, while promoting existing customer loyalty. All the while this will be driving new customer acquisition. Website referral program software from Extole helps track critical marketing metrics that marketers use to leverage their strategy and craft new and improved marketing measures.

Here are three principles to keep in mind when wanting to ensure your software meets industry standards while promising results:


  1. Allows customers to connect and share from whenever and wherever, from your website to social media, in-app, or even email
  2. The sharing experience should be personal fro all parties as sharing is most effective when friends are aware who referred
  3. A user-friendly experience is important to keep customers coming back. Shopping and conversation should be easy not just for the advocate, but for the friend as well

Website referral program software doesn’t have to be complicated. Download our 2017 Referral Guide today to get tips of the trade for carrying out a successful refer-a-friend program.

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