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Website Referral Program

A Website referral program is for companies who want to retain a customer base through referrals of new customers. Finding a referral platform that 1) Can be customized and scaled to fit your specific needs and 2) Is easy to setup is key. Adaptability to changing market conditions also helps as it allows marketers to run multiple, simultaneous referral campaigns for brand and specific products.

Extole’s enterprise platform supports retention and new customer acquisition by giving you the tools to shape their experience. Customize when, how, and what people share whether it be through email, social media, or mobile.

Extole, as your website referral program, gives you:

  • On Brand Sharing – A tailored sharing experience for your brand
  • Advocate Profiling – First-party and social network data gathered automatically
  • Authentic Referrals – Loyal customers refer your brand to family and friends
  • Reward Engines – Reward advocates that refer with loyalty points,coupon codes,  gift cards, and more

Make it possible to share referrals through multiple product-level and brand specific campaigns. Download the best practices guide now and Extole will lead you to a better website referral program.

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