2024 Referral Marketing Best Practices Guide

Your current customers are the key to your growth! Unlock their power with enticing rewards, engaging programs, and more!

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Your current customers are a powerful customer acquisition engine if you have a good approach for activating them. This guide highlights best practices for sparking person-to-person sharing and creating stronger connections between your brand and your best customers: your brand advocates.

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Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why consistency across multiple platforms is key to delightful referral journeys
  • The role of convenience in communication between advocates and friends is key
  • How referral programs must evolve according to your business needs
  • How to use data to drive customization and improve conversions
  • How to capitalize on other tech innovations to improve the referral process
  • Why marketing, even after converting users, remains crucial

Beautiful, On-brand Rewards Programs to Engage and Motivate Your Customers

Combined with automation, personalization, and transparency, customers both old and new will find a delightful experience in shopping with your brand and will most readily refer their friends, families, and colleagues.

Read the guide today and build a delightful and lucrative experience for your customers this peak season!

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