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Influencers are individuals with significant online presences, whose views are highly valued by a large audience. Given their popularity on the biggest social network platforms, it’s not surprising that brands collaborate with influencers to create brand awareness, access potential customers, and create steady and stable income streams via social media.

Enticing influencers to become the most passionate ambassadors for brands can be tricky. Influencers themselves are known to be very picky with brands they work with. Even once a brand has influencers on board, there are logistics and processes to think through, in order to maximize outcomes. But with the right influencer program, brands can tap into their influencers’ creativity and engage a whole new audience, brimming with high-quality leads and potential buyers.

This Influencer Program features guide will give you a clear picture of the capabilities and tactics you need to succeed, including:

  • Personalized influencer codes and links
  • Automation of influencer rewards
  • Influencer discovery
  • A comprehensive influencer portal
  • Dynamic and transparent reporting

The key to a great influencer program is providing influencers the freedom to create their unique brand of content while sharing branded promotions and key messages to their audiences. This, combined with automation, personalization, and transparency, will lead to delightful and lucrative experiences, encouraging influencers to become true advocates for brands.

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