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Turn your most valuable members into your greatest ambassadors, and tailor-fit your strategies to your client’s needs with these 36 referral marketing best practices for credit unions.

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Historically, credit unions have been heavily reliant on their in-person branches. But the new normal has greatly reduced branch traffic, and credit unions need new ways to engage their existing members while gaining new ones.

Drive value to your credit union with these 36 referral marketing strategies and best practices.

You’ll learn from this guide:

  • How to deliver unique referral experiences
  • What kind of rewards let you target high-quality referrals
  • How to approach different member segments
  • How data and personalization can drive engagement
  • Which innovative technologies can you leverage
  • Why it’s important to follow up post-conversion

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When it comes to financial services and banking products, the great experience a friend has is more powerful than any marketing content or message. Marketers in financial services know that recommendations from existing customers are powerful for new customer acquisition. We can help you build a modern, scalable, and secure member-get-member program.


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