Financial Services Marketing: How To Leverage Referrals

Your clients are your best advocates - start boosting referrals to outperform competitors.

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People are very careful with where they put their money. Persuading people to move financial providers can be tricky.
However, people trust their family and friends. Which is why, for financial services marketing, leveraging referrals is a powerful technique. In finserv marketing, businesses can drive new business by converting their most loyal customers into their most passionate advocates. This referral marketing guide explains how a brand can flourish by utilizing customer-specific tactics.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The necessity of providing unique and tailored finserv referrals when marketing for financial services.
  • The importance of simplifying the process by giving advocates sharing tools that allow them to quickly engage with referral candidates.
  • Why securing high-quality referrals also means offering generous rewards.
  • The importance of ensuring that each referral has a tailored and unique experience.
  • How to leverage customer data, interests, and history to boost personalization.
  • Using moments of delight and engagement to strengthen client relationships.

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for Financial Services

When it comes to financial services and banking products, the great experience a friend has is more powerful than any marketing content or message. Marketers in financial services know that recommendations from existing customers are powerful for new customer acquisition. We can help you build a modern, scalable, and secure member-get-member program.


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