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Advocate Solutions designed
to match your business & goals

We take the hard work out of designing, testing, and implementing referral programs to match your business and goals. No guess work and better results with our platform, team, and industry solutions

The Retail Solution

Turn customers into advocates with our retail-specific solution, making word of mouth a scalable channel for customer acquisition.

The Loyalty & Membership Solution

Retailers who know loyalty need a program that supports new member signups and acquisition goals. Our loyalty-specific solution does that and more.

The Financial Services Solution

Marketers in financial services know that recommendations from existing customers are powerful for new customer acquisition.

The Lead Gen Solution

Connect your sales team and existing customers to find your best prospects with our lead generation solution. Get access to our Salesforce app today.

Make Customer Led Growth a Reality

Unlock the power of your customers’ engagement and advocacy today with Extole’s industry-leading expertise and technology.