Extole + CyberGRX: A Third-Party Risk Assessment of Our Platform

It is impossible to assess data security without current and transparent insights into how your partners keep it safe. Extole is committed to earning your trust and demonstrating our commitment to security by providing these insights to our customers through our collaboration with CyberGRX. Extole customers now enjoy access to a free, independent, and third-party validated assessment of Extole’s risk profile and security protocols on the CyberGRX Exchange. This assessment, like our ISO-27001 certification, gives confidence that Extole meets your high standards for data security and privacy. You can have peace of mind and manage your risk knowing you have a capable partner to keep your data safe.

CyberGRX is the world’s largest cyber risk exchange providing over 100,000 participants with easy access to comprehensive risk intelligence data. The Exchange also partners with Deloitte and KPMG to perform risk assessments of companies – like Extole. Through its cyber risk assessments, they provide actionable reports and up-to-date threat intelligence to help companies understand risks and effectively respond to security threats and breaches. With these insights, the CyberGRX Exchange is the go-to resource for organizations seeking to measure and reduce third-party risk.

The Extole CyberGRX report analyzes every Extole pathway providing a prioritized risk map of our entire third-party population. These insights help Extole improve our defenses against security breaches and other threats. These insights include:

  • Compliance
  • Real-world attack scenarios
  • Business process control
  • Security engagement
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Inherent risk assessments
  • Performance metrics
  • Industry-specific threat intelligence

The CyberGRX assessment methodology features real-time dynamic data – meaning Extole customers can receive up-to-date risk data about our platform and third-party integrations through automated, continuous cyber risk monitoring.

The CyberGRX partnership demonstrates Extole’s commitment to giving our customers confidence with a transparent real-time source of insights to assess risk and make informed decisions.

You can access the report by completing an access request form on the Extole CyberGRX page. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email invitation with further instructions on how to access the report.

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