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A wakeup call for the mattress industry


Amerisleep is a pioneer in sleep innovation, and has revolutionized manufacturing with the world’s most eco-friendly foam creation process. The company’s sales structure delivers savings directly to the customer by cutting out the middleman and selling directly, transforming an outdated buying process into a simple, cost-saving experience. From product development to selling, Amerisleep keeps the single most important idea at the forefront of its decision making process: customer comfort.

The Challenge

From its inception, Amerisleep focused on rewarding customers who evangelized the brand to their friends and family. It had a referral system in place prior to bringing on Extole, but it was very informal and completely manual. Brand representatives would identify if customers were referred during the checkout process and would then contact advocates to thank them for their referral and reward them with complementary products or financial incentives. This exceptional brand experience paired with an outstanding product caused Amerisleep’s loyal following of customers to grow at a rapid pace. Traffic to the site increased radically and daily orders went through the roof.

The Opportunity

Amerisleep knew it needed a better way to manage its referral system in order to keep up with the increased success the brand was experiencing. Amerisleep looked at all available advocate marketing options, and the company determined that Extole was the best fit for the brand. Extole provided the research and benchmarking, robust platform, and dedicated support team that Amerisleep required for its advocacy program. Amerisleep sought to leverage Extole’s platform to automate its refer-a-friend program to achieve maximum customer acquisition success and avoid the resource drain it experienced while managing the program manually.

The Solution

Amerisleep first implemented a soft launch to test Extole’s platform internally to ensure the campaign ran seamlessly. The company funneled the share program to a specific landing page and implemented 50% of the marketing that Extole suggested it use. The program was up and running at 100% in no time at all. After the initial implementation of Extole’s platform, Amerisleep wanted to further boost the visibility of its referral program and develop another avenue for customer acquisition. The company built a unique wing within its standard advocate program in order to identify advocates of higher value and reward them appropriately. This program takes the same innovative approach to advocate marketing that the company takes to mattress development. Using Extole’s platform, Amerisleep identified members of its community who demonstrated a greater intrinsic value to its brand and developed a separate program that provides unique rewards for their overwhelming commitment to Amerisleep. Through this innovative approach to advocate identification and reward, Amerisleep is able to increase conversion rates.

The Result

With Extole’s platform, Amerisleep can continue to scale its advocate marketing to meet its growing needs. The brand is currently expanding globally with agreements in Australia and South Korea. Amerisleep plans on continuing this expansion and is working to get its mattresses into new countries to test the growing demand it’s seeing from the success of its advocacy program. With Extole, the brand will bring its program to eager advocates around the world who want to share the ease and comfort that Amerisleep mattresses provide.

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