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Mattress retailer increases customer acquisition with 9% conversion rate

Mattress Frame

Lull offers a premium sleeping solution at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mattress with the convenience of ordering your mattress online.

The Challenge

Lull's former referral program suffered from abuse on coupon sites. Their previous provider had few controls to prevent the abuse and had other shortcomings including an inability to A/B test or offer a variety of rewards. Finally, the reward redemption rate was low representing a missed opportunity to engage existing customers.

The Opportunity

Extole's enhanced fraud prevention capability allows Lull to block self-referrals, flag low quality referrals as suspicious, and set pending periods for advocate rewards to prevent cancelled orders from being rewarded. More importantly, Lull can monitor the quality of the conversions with Extole's out-of-the-box conversion reports and be assured that suspicious referrals are not being rewarded. Right out of the gate, Lull combined our A/B testing feature and rewarding flexibility by testing the advocate reward offer to determine the most motivating offer.

The Solution

From the A/B test, Lull was able to conclusively choose Amazon gift card for the Advocate reward. After 30 days with Extole, Lull experienced the equivalent of 7 months of performance they would have realized with their previous provider.

The Result

An Amazon Gift Card Drove 53% More Advocates Than An Open Card
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For Every 100 Advocates, Lull Gets 9 Customers
7% Of Customers Participate In Lull's Extole Programs
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