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Taxact targets best advocates using a/b testing

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TaxAct provides affordable digital and downloadable tax management software. TaxAct's products enable all users, regardless of profession or tax bracket, to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively file their taxes—and find ways to save money in all areas of their financial lives.

The Challenge

TaxAct wanted to keep their best advocates sharing and knew that some high-power advocates needed different rewards to encourage them to keep sharing their positive experience with TaxAct's solutions.

The Opportunity

By using data from previous tax seasons and Extole's powerful technology, TaxAct had the perfect opportunity to measure the impact of different rewards and reward levels across the referral funnel.

The Solution

TaxAct used Extole's platform to conduct A/B tests of advocate rewards. Those test results guided TaxAct toward a Super Advocate program to offering better rewards for the best TaxAct advocates.

The Result

0 %
Of Advocates Drove Multiple Conversions
0 %
Of All New Customers Come From Conversions
Conversions For Every 100 Advocates

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