Building Your Facebook Presence: The There There

Despite continuing debate regarding what kinds of metrics make the most sense for social, marketers are increasing their Facebook spend. The objective driving much of this spend is to increase Facebook Likes.

But what’s the real return on these investments? Why is getting Facebook Likes so important?

Enter news from TBG Digital, which provides an advertising platform focused on Facebook ads. This week, Inside Facebook shared results from TBG outlining significant reductions in conversion costs from ads targeting at Facebook Fans vs. using other Facebook targeting techniques.

The results were culled from 4.1 billion ad impressions across thirteen clients. And in March, website provider Eventbrite quantified the value of Liking an event across different channels. “A Facebook Like (the closest comparison to a tweet) drives on average $1.34 in ticket sales, compared with a tweet that drives on average $.80.”

It’s reasonable to expect that the branding and conversion benefits you get from your Facebook fans will vary in degree and proportion, depending in part on your specific product, price point and demographics of your customer base.

But one common story is emerging: Facebook fans are delivering measurable results for brands who manage them well.

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