Leverage These 30 Referral Best Practices for B2B Companies

From expanding your audience to reach a large group of potential buyers to creating long-term loyalty while keeping marketing costs low, tailor-fit your programs with these 30 tried-and-tested referral best practices for B2B.

Get The 2023 Referral Marketing Best Practices For B2B Companies Guide

We crafted this B2B Referral Marketing guide where we share 30 referral best practices to supercharge your referral programs, fully realize the potential of your business, and maximize growth.

These referral best practices include:

  • Making it easy for customers to refer you
  • Leveraging personalization
  • Mapping out your referral journey
  • Strategic placement of QR codes
  • Setting security standards to prevent fraud
  • And more…

The key to making the best out of your B2B referral marketing is to be straightforward. Utilize personalized and engaging elements and target high-quality referrals with rich rewards. Ensure transparency and security in your data gathering, and use those to gain actionable insights to iterate upon and improve your referral program.

Learn all these and more by reading the guide today!

Beautiful, On-brand Referral Programs for Retail

Combined with automation, personalization, and transparency, customers both old and new will find a delightful experience in shopping with your brand and will most readily refer their friends, families, and loved ones to shop at your store!

Read the guide today and build a delightful and lucrative experience for your customers this peak season!


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