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Being A Brand Advocate

Being a brand advocate usually means talking favorably about a product or service and then giving a positive word of mouth referral to friends, family, or other acquaintances. Think about the last time a word of mouth recommendation influenced a  purchase for you. Was it from someone you trusted, or simply a sales associate?

Extole's platform looks to make more advocates which then turn into more friends and more conversions. Drive brand advocacy and influence while seamlessly integrating a referral experience that encourages advocates to share across every channel. 

Being a brand advocate with Extole boils down to:

  • Authenticity – Forming deeper bonds with your audience by giving trusted referrals
  • Expertise – When giving a recommendation, customers know it's trustworthy and legit
  • Originality – Customers know the content is being created without paid marketing staff
  • Real Conversation – Advocates who influence are everyday people that go out of their way to promote

Nothing feels more authentic than talking with a friend and hearing rave reviews of their latest purchase. Download the referral guide today and allow Extole to guide you down the path to better brand advocates within your referral program. 

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