Referral marketing plan

Referral Marketing Plan

A referral marketing plan is more than just acquiring new customers. Marketing campaigns are about getting customers excited about your brand and coming back for repeat purchases.

Extole’s enterprise platform helps you engage more customer advocates, who in turn spend more and stay loyal longer. A referral marketing plan from Extole does more than just slap together a rewards program and ask for referrals, it helps you:

  • Design for mobile – Provide customers with a top notch mobile experience can boost sales
  • Tap into customer loyalty -Studies have shown loyal members spend more than regular customers sometimes 15% and more
  • Let advocates refer specific items – Mirror how friends talk to each other about retailers

People trust recommendations from family and friends, even more so than any other marketing channel. Download the guide now to see how Extole can help you setup a referral marketing plan that fits your business needs.

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