Get more from social media with a referral platform

Social Media Marketing Software

A top trending social media marketing software these days is referral platforms. Retailers, like Hanna Andersson, are acquiring better customers and more revenue with refer-a-friend campaigns.

What’s key is that referrals help tie ROI to your social media channels and capitalize on your follower base. As a marketer, you are forced to prove your spend and with referral you can.

Here’s what Hanna Andersson’s refer-a-friend campaigns have done for them:

  • Acquired over 25% of their new-customer acquisition goal for the year in two months
  • Recouped investment cost in a month
  • Are visible on the web, on mobile, and in catalog
  • Convert on more than 20% of friend clicks

Check out our case study for the full story of Hanna Andersson’s referral program success.

Check Out Our Case Study

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