Creative social media campaigns

Creative Social Media Campaigns

Generating Ccreative social media campaigns can be difficult to do on a daily basis. But consistency and creativity are essential to be successful with social media. Consumers will stop following if your content becomes drab, dry, and boring.

Extole can help you overcome the need to “always be on” with your content by setting up a refer a friend program. Yes you will still need creative social media campaigns. However, by turning everyday customers into advocates, their experience with your products and services can be tweeted, posted to Instagram or Facebook, and followed by friends and family. This is the best, low cost way, to initiate new purchases, and reward long term customers for their loyalty.

Experience Extole for yourself and see that you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate a referral program into your site, branding, and apps
  • Test for optimum incentives
  • Allow your customers to effortlessly share your services, products and brand

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