Gaining new customers

Customer Acquisition Programs

Put simply, customer acquisition programs help you in gaining new business for your company’s products and services.  This occurs by using marketing channels such as social, tv, print, and radio media.

Extole excels at building your referral marketing program by letting every customer be an advocate. What does this mean though? Everyday advocacy with Extole aims to seamlessly integrate your referral program into your site and branding. This way you can test for the optimum incentive balance, and enable customers to share your brand, products or services, easily.

Choosing Extole over the other customer acquisition programs available gives you:

  1. Advocate Profiling – Collect social data to power other marketing efforts
  2. On-Brand Sharing – Create an experience for sharing that is built-in not bolted-on
  3. API & Webhooks – Your customers will share and convert anywhere
  4. Reward Engine – Thank advocates and friends for their loyalty and motivate your customers

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