How to gain new business

Customer Acquisition Strategy

To put it simply, a customer acquisition strategy is needed when trying to gain new business for the products and services within your company.  Using marketing channels such as radio, print, tv, and social media is one way to get your message and brand image out as much as possible; to as many people as possible.

Extole excels at building a customer acquisition strategy. Constructing a referral marketing program that lets every customer be an advocate with everyday transactions is the ultimate goal. What can Extole do for me though you ask? Extole will seamlessly integrate your referral programs within your site and branding. This allows testing for the optimum incentive balance. It also enables customers to share your services, products, and your brand easily.

Choosing Extole over the other customer acquisition strategy programs available gives you:

  • On-Brand Sharing – Create an experience for sharing that is built-in not bolted-on
  • Reward Engine – Thank advocates and friends for their loyalty while also motivating your customers
  • Profiling – Collect social data to power other marketing efforts
  • API & Webhooks – Use our API to send data or deliver creative to and from any customer touchpoint or marketing solution

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