Digital customer acquisition

Digital Customer Acquisition

Consumers are looking for businesses to find ways to connect with them beyond the normal media channels. Digital media for brand building and direct marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest, are critical sources of information to use for digital customer acquisition.

Achieving any digital customer acquisition goals requires the right blend of tactics. Setting up a referral program with Extole can gain you a competitive advantage over those who are investing elsewhere. Referral marketing is a great strategy for both customer acquisition and conversion.

Three things happen when you start a refer a friend program for digital customer acquisition with Extole:

  1. Trust – Trust is what fuels referrals. It is easier to spend money on products and services that family and friends have used before you
  2. Targeting – Your customers know who will or will not like your product. Let your base work for you and refer the right business your way
  3. Better customers – Referred customers have a better long term value as they tend to spend more money and make multiple purchases

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