Use referrals to expand your reach

Company Referral Programs

Company referral programs are important to a business for survival. Businesses need a reliable, steady stream of revenue to stay open. Referral programs offer a way to get new customers while keeping existing customers coming back for repeat business.

A referral program takes time to develop. Extole can lead you through the referral program landscape and help build one for your unique needs.

Some strategies to consider when creating company referral programs with Extole are:

  • Push referral early and often – Customers want to share positive experiences, give them the opportunity repeatedly
  • Design referral to be easy and seamless – Design is more than just looking nice; keep the steps to send and receive a referral easy
  • Make referral happen everywhere –  Provide the freedom to send and receive referrals from any mobile device
  • Give personalized context – Put your customers front and center, and let them speak on your behalf

Referrals lead to more customers, who in turn become advocates and refer more customers.

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