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Content Marketing Meaning

There are many forms of consumer advertising, but when it comes to content marketing meaning, you’re talking about a distinct type of promotion. Content marketing is consistent in it’s approach and focused on creating value and attraction to a clearly-defined audience

There is no better platform on the market than Extole to accomplish this.  A referral program aims to target specific persons. The act of sending a referral is personal. A family member or friend thinks “I know someone who will like this product or service”, so let me send them information about it.

Using Extole for content marketing allows you to:

  • Design for mobile 
  • Tap into your customer loyalty members
  • Ask customers to refer right after they buy
  • Connect brick and mortar stores with e-commerce
  • Let advocates refer specific items

See how Extole can help expand on your definition of what content marketing meaning is to your company.

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