The right referral company will lift your program to new heights. Do you have the right partner?

Referral Company

Recommendations from friends are driving customers to your brand. In this age when advertising is less and less trusted, brands are looking for a world class referral company drive new customers and more revenue to their brand. Choosing the right partner can make the difference between success and failure.
Here are three of the best things to consider when looking for a referral company:

1) Expertise
Extole entire product focus is on their referral marketing platform.  The SaaS platform allows you to easily promote, report, and optimize everywhere your customer is.  As an omni-channel marketer, you’re in the drivers seat.

2) Quality Engine
You aim to reward your best customers.  Don’t let frauds game the system.  Look for a referral company that works with the world’s leading financial services and enterprise brands to ensure that quality customers are finding your brand through referrals.

3) Experience
Referral marketing is a relatively new discipline.  As a brand, you can learn as you go at the risk of your brand, or jump start your success by working with referral marketing experts. Extole’s customer success team will help you launch intelligently and continue to evolve and grow your referral program across the entire customer journey.

Choosing the right referral company may be your biggest decision in 2016. The right partner will bring the expertise, advice, and technology you need to succeed. Learn more tips and tricks from our 2016 guide.

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